Relentless coughing, difficulties in breathing, these are some of the symptoms of an Asthmatic attack. A sufferer of Asthma often faces sudden attacks, triggered by pollutants as minute as haze to even cold weather. Given that scientists and researchers have not been able to pin-point the exact cause of Asthma, it remains an elusive disease to treat and manage even with inhaler. You can read more about Asthma here.

Today, we look at some of the environmental triggers of Asthma and how potentially fatal sudden attacks can be, while showing some news which disprove aged old myths about fighting Asthma.

Asthma news 25 August 2017 – the sadness of Asthma, and the fight to bring happiness

  1. Roadside Trees Can Trap Asthma Inducing Pollutants, Causing Asthmatic Attacks

A new study released recently claims that lines of trees along roadways (also known as greenbelts) can lead to trapping of Nitrogen Dioxide, which is a common Asthmatic pollutants due to exhaust from vehicles travelling (Science AAAS, 2017). These pollutants can lead to respiratory problems, and difficulties in breathing for sufferers. At CuraHOPE, we read this report with a healthy dose of scepticism, as this report doesn’t really help us move towards a cure. Yet, it is always helpful to be as informed as possible.

  1. Brain Damage For New York Man After Asthma Attack, Story Of Sadness And Strength

In a sad case of an Asthmatic sufferer, a New York father suffered an attack while at home. The next few years for him was difficult, as he was not able to take care of his daughter due to a stroke which hit him, leaving him incapable of independent living (YDR, 2017). His daughter visited him every week while he was bedridden. His story gave us at CuraHOPE very deep emotions, as I have a daughter, and she is the light of my world. I cannot imagine how I will feel if I cannot take care of my daughter, and this was a guy who loves his daughter but is struck by a disease which left him disadvantaged.

In contrast, there are also reports which have been shared on other channels about how Probiotics does not have a significant impact on preventing both Eczema and Asthma. After reading through the report, I felt like it was not adequately informative in terms of both study design and the conclusiveness of the reports and it got us at CuraHOPE even more motivated to write even more.

Eventually, CuraHOPE will cover more of these news and research reports which have been published, hoping to expose and bring to light some of the age old medical and treatment practices which exist in a drive for greater accountability. Everyone who is suffering from a disease should know about their conditions, and be more informed about where and how the drugs they are taking came from. Pharmaceutical industry, we are coming for you.

About the Author Shane

Shane is passionate about the medical industry and constantly envisions a world without incurable diseases and chronic conditions. He seeks to use his entrepreneurship, venture capital and sales and marketing experience to bring real change to the medical industry, one insight at a time. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his family, do online learning and read.

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