How do you feel when you read about someone’s story online, about their diseases and illnesses? When you hear of their struggles? For me, it comes directly at me and make me feel extremely uneasy, and for a long time, I did not know how to deal with it. Now I do, CuraHOPE is the outlet, the channel for me to educate the masses and hopefully, band everyone together to collectively drive research and true cures for sufferers.

Chronic Diseases News – 12 August 2017

  1. Private Doctors Given Right To Write Repeated Prescriptions In Malta

There is no doubt that having a chronic disease is high destabilizing, and the repeated trips to hospitals and clinics often take out significant time from a person’s productivity. Private family doctors can now write repeated prescriptions in Malta according to Malta Today. We feel that this is empowerment and would like to advocate for this practice to be adopted.

  1. Story Of Courage, The Fight Against Diffuse Scleroderma

Julie Gould was overwhelmed when she heard that she was suffering from Diffuse Scleroderma, a disease which has no cure, and hardens cartilage, tendons and skin. There will be intense pain because of this disease. She eventually got a stem cell transplant, which can stop the disease in its track and prevent further damage to the body. Her story is one of bravery and we recommend sufferers of incurable diseases and chronic diseases to read this and not give up in the face of diseases. We can conquer it eventually.

The medical industry has not gone through significant novel disruptions (supported by the fact that many diseases have not found true cures in decades) and it is clear why, there are serious implications to human lives and we cannot afford to be haphazard in our approach and decentralize the industry and reduce regulations. However, there is limited transparency in the space and asymmetric information is a serious problem. Can we always trust the doctors and physicians, do they have the right skills?

About the Author Shane

Shane is passionate about the medical industry and constantly envisions a world without incurable diseases and chronic conditions. He seeks to use his entrepreneurship, venture capital and sales and marketing experience to bring real change to the medical industry, one insight at a time. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his family, do online learning and read.

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