A normal search on Quora about incurable diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes can often reveal interesting insights, ranging from how people do not really know about treatment methods, to what can be done to manage the various diseases. Our near-term aim at CuraHOPE is to educate and stress on the importance of a healthy lifestyle (good diet and regular exercise) to manage and triumph against incurable diseases.

WHO has published a report on the relationship between diet and nutrition, summarizing how with some healthy lifestyle habits, it is possible to mitigate against the possibility of contracting chronic diseases. In fact, for a disease like Diabetes Type 2, it is highly probable to mitigate against the risk of contraction, as long as we monitor our diet.

For some sexually transmitted diseases like Herpes Simplex Virus, outbreaks frequently happen in people who are immunosuppressed. A person can be weak and prone to immunosuppression when they are sick, stress, or physically weak. In fact, we have heard of friends and family members who have the viruses in their body, but do not need to take any antiviral medication to fend against the outbreaks. In fact, some of them do not even experience any outbreaks in a prolonged period. In contrast, there are sufferers who experience frequent outbreaks.

The caveat here is that while you could be doing everything right, you could still be infected with diseases. What we really want to drive here and highlight is the fact that incurable diseases can be managed, and people who are healthier stand a better chance fighting against these diseases. While a healthy lifestyle is correlated with a lower incidence of contracting incurable diseases, we still do not know what causes various diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, Parkinson or even Alzheimer.

At the end of the day, we all need to know that someone who adopts healthier habits, relative to one who does not, putting in the extra mile is more likely to survive and triumph against inactivity.

About the Author Shane

Shane is passionate about the medical industry and constantly envisions a world without incurable diseases and chronic conditions. He seeks to use his entrepreneurship, venture capital and sales and marketing experience to bring real change to the medical industry, one insight at a time. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his family, do online learning and read.

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