What are some things to know about fighting Asthma and living a fruitful life

In the US, approximately 20 million people suffer from one form of Asthma or the other and infect both young and old. Living with Asthma can be cumbersome, and while some people dealing with the chronic condition grow out of it, others are impacted greatly by the symptoms of Asthma. Asthma can also strike at an unexpected period, causing death if proper care is not exercised.

Mum shared heartbreaking video on education and awareness after 20 year old son died from Asthma

On a particular somber note, we read with sadness a story about a mom who shared a video on Facebook after her son died from Asthma. The aim of the video was to shed light on the dangerous nature of Asthma and encourage more awareness for the disease known as Asthma.

Boy days away from his 9th birthday succumbed to Asthma attack during Harvey flooding

Sometimes, we come across stories so compelling and emotional that we feel a tug at our hearts, and when coupled with real images, it speaks to our hearts through words. An article covered in New York Post recently did that for us.

Asthma news 25 August 2017 – the sadness of Asthma, and the fight to bring happiness

Relentless coughing, difficulties in breathing, these are some of the symptoms of an Asthmatic attack. A sufferer of Asthma often faces sudden attacks, triggered by pollutants as minute as haze to even cold weather. Given that scientists and researchers have not been able to pin-point the exact cause of Asthma, it remains an elusive disease to treat and manage even with inhaler. You can read more about Asthma here.