Big companies like Microsoft are hiring more people on the Autism spectrum

Corporates nowadays are getting increasingly progressive and becoming more open to a diverse workforce. In a perhaps reassuring news, we see more people dealing with Autism being featured in hiring campaigns by big companies such as Microsoft (exact figures unknown and likely to be small, yet the direction of being more inclusive is in itself something to celebrate about). As a parent of a daughter suffering from Autism, there are deep concerns I struggle with daily, and I am glad by the phenomenon of a more inclusive society where people with special needs are considered on the merits of their strength.

Autism controversy, no link between aluminium in vaccines and Autism, researchers criticized

Donald Trump was a strong believer of vaccines causing Autism. His views have been widely publicized, through his favorite medium, Twitter. Speaking publicly multiple times, he is actually perpetuating the notion of a link/relationship which has been scientifically proven to be untrue.

Action of heroic stranger in calming a child with Autism melted our hearts

During a recent train ride from Winchester to Farnbourgh, a nice young man stepped in to help single mom,¬†Gayna Pealling calm down her child who was experiencing some “tension” on the train. The young man was called¬†Daniel Ball.

Tale of a teenage doorman who is on the Autism spectrum

For people who are on the Autism spectrum, the question of independent living is always on the mind of their loved ones, and perhaps even they themselves. Contrary to some misguided beliefs, people suffering from Autism can feel and understand feelings and emotions but are just not as good at expressing them. Who knows, they could be the geniuses, more simplistic and more happy than most people will really be. A story published on Reader’s Digest showed us that even with Autism, people can still live fruitfully.

A potential cause for Autism might have been discovered by a Korean couple

One of the most common worries parents of children suffering from Autism is the thought of whether the children can live independently in the future. For a long time, I was extremely worried for my daughter, who has been diagnosed to be slightly autistic, and I have been trying to put in more intervention. She is also one of the main driving force behind CuraHOPE. That is why today’s news which we first saw on NextShark about a potential cause for Autism being identified was one I resonated deeply with, both personally and emotionally.