The Australian Federal Government just announced the launch of a $100 million fund for Brain Cancer

The Australian Federal Government has just made a major push to fight against brain cancer, hoping to double survival rates for patients suffering from Brain Cancer. To do that, they have announced $100 million in funding and the aim is to consolidate and expand efforts to find a true cure.

New study finds that majority of recently approved Cancer drugs show no survival benefits in the UK

A recently published research study has shown that majority of recently approved drugs in the UK are not shown to extend a person’s life, and many patients were given false hope when drugs which were advertised to be breakthrough have not shown efficacy in both improving survival rates and standard of living.

Rapper Pitbull uses his own private plane to bring Cancer patients for treatments

In a particularly noteworthy moment for rapper Pitbull, he has sent his own private plane to Puerto Rico (which is currently being ravaged by hurricane) to transport patients who are suffering from Cancer to the US for Chemotherapy treatments.

Venezuelan health crisis unites doctors calling for more intervention from WHO

There is a deep medical crisis right now happening in Venezuela. There is an approximate 90% shortage in medicinal drugs being distributed to patients, rundown hospital infrastructure and a shortage of skilled doctors due to a vicious recession. Fed up with the state of the healthcare system, doctors in Venezuela have banded together and protested at WHO’s Caracas office this week to call for additional help and pressure the government. We first saw this news on Reuters.

The pain of Cancer drug trials and the mad rush by pharmaceutical companies

I am sure you would agree with me that Cancer treatment is painful, depressing and downright burdensome. The amount of money, time and effort spent to get well from Cancer are immense and people usually walk away from Cancer fearing remission. And now, we see pharmaceutical companies trying to target early stage patients with immunotherapy, which has traditionally being treated with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, as reported by Bloomberg.