Taking some Epilepsy drugs during pregnancy can cause deformities in babies, but many women not aware

Epilepsy is a terrifying disease, but even more terrifying are the drugs which are taken to control the disease when patients are unaware of the side effects. In a report published by Nursing Times, warnings about the risk of consuming Epilepsy drugs which contain sodium valporate during pregnancy are not reaching patients! Taking the drugs during pregnancy has a high chance (10%) of causing abnormalities in the physical appearances of the babies!

Major NHS trust, Southern Health said it is sorry after death of a teenager suffering from Epilepsy, Autism and learning difficulties

In a particularly somber mood, we read with sadness that an NHS trust, Southern Health has not been effective in the way they treat and look at patients, as reported on The Guardian.

Cannabidol might affect the drug levels of other anti-epileptic drugs in Refractory Epilepsy

In a recent report on NeurologyAdvisor, there is a talk about how the addition of Cannabidiol into a patient’s treatment plan might affect the drug levels from other antiepileptic drugs in the treatment of Refractory Epilepsy, also termed as Epilepsy which cannot be controlled with drugs. This study was apparently published from Epilepsia. You can read more about Epilepsy on CuraHOPE here.

Epilepsy news 24 August 2017 – the fight against epilepsy

Epilepsy is a disease which affects the quality of lives for many sufferers, hitting them with unexpected seizures and causing some degree of uncertainty as sufferers carry out their normal daily activities (find out more about what Epilepsy is here). There are many different forms of Epilepsy, but mainly grouped into Focal Seizures and Generalized Seizures. Given that this disease affects more than 50 million people worldwide, a cure is what many are hoping for.