Healthcare is getting increasingly expensive, and access to healthcare is now becoming a serious problem

The art of healing started out as a noble profession, designed to provide care and treatment to people who needed it the most. However, the truth for the current state of the healthcare system cannot be grimmer. Globally, billions of people lack access to the care they need to sustain a healthy and productive life. A recent FEE article published mentioned that the price of healthcare has been increasing, and even the cost of adequate health insurance is growing. This increase in price has excluded many people who need clinical and hospital care out of an avenue to seek the care they need to stay healthy.

No more healthcare subsidies to insurance companies, Congress pressured

For the past few months, the US has been in a state of intense debate over exactly what President Trump wants to accomplish for the healthcare system. His decision now to stop critical payments to insurance companies has put Congress in a position of new pressure, while also adding additional issues to necessary discussions which have to be held to prevent a government shutdown as the question of soaring premiums has to be addressed.

Autism controversy, no link between aluminium in vaccines and Autism, researchers criticized

Donald Trump was a strong believer of vaccines causing Autism. His views have been widely publicized, through his favorite medium, Twitter. Speaking publicly multiple times, he is actually perpetuating the notion of a link/relationship which has been scientifically proven to be untrue.

New study finds that majority of recently approved Cancer drugs show no survival benefits in the UK

A recently published research study has shown that majority of recently approved drugs in the UK are not shown to extend a person’s life, and many patients were given false hope when drugs which were advertised to be breakthrough have not shown efficacy in both improving survival rates and standard of living.

A new study found that doctors have often provided treatments which are not required to patients

A new study has found that doctors often prescribe treatments which are not required, and potentially harmful according to a paper which was published on JAMA. This paper touched on the effects of medical overuse and its prevalence in the current medical industry after studying about a year of data.