Scientists say that a drink known as Fortasyn Connect could potentially fight Alzheimer

Alzheimer is a progressive neurological condition. People suffering from Alzheimer will progressively experience a fall in cognitive ability, and increasingly severe memory loss. This can lead to an immense sense of loss for sufferers, and cause huge changes in personality. Now, a new research recently claimed that a drink containing fish oils, which is also available over the counter (OTC) could slow down the progressive nature of the disease.

Japan planning to offer free HIV checks to encourage early detection and treatment in annual company health screenings

The HIV crisis is very real. There has been a phenomenon known as HIV/AIDS denialism that is so rampant that it even has its own Wikipedia page here. However, facts do not lie, and we do see a prevalent spread in the disease across multiple countries, especially in developing countries. Now, Japan is pushing back against the virus, and seeking to sponsor free checks to encourage early detection and treatment of the condition.

Fundraising 17,000 Pound for our friends from Norway to fight against Cerebral Palsy

Today, something special has happened to CuraHOPE. I have decided to add a new category, known as “CuraHOPE Campaigns” into this media site to help patients and sufferers who are fighting against incurable diseases, chronic conditions and expensive healthcare. I hope you can read these stories, feel the emotional turmoil that the patients are going through, and support them in any minute way you can. Foreword: CuraHOPE did not get any financial reward/incentives in covering this story, we are simply hoping to increase awareness.

Healthcare is getting increasingly expensive, and access to healthcare is now becoming a serious problem

The art of healing started out as a noble profession, designed to provide care and treatment to people who needed it the most. However, the truth for the current state of the healthcare system cannot be grimmer. Globally, billions of people lack access to the care they need to sustain a healthy and productive life. A recent FEE article published mentioned that the price of healthcare has been increasing, and even the cost of adequate health insurance is growing. This increase in price has excluded many people who need clinical and hospital care out of an avenue to seek the care they need to stay healthy.

Autism controversy, no link between aluminium in vaccines and Autism, researchers criticized

Donald Trump was a strong believer of vaccines causing Autism. His views have been widely publicized, through his favorite medium, Twitter. Speaking publicly multiple times, he is actually perpetuating the notion of a link/relationship which has been scientifically proven to be untrue.