Japan planning to offer free HIV checks to encourage early detection and treatment in annual company health screenings

The HIV crisis is very real. There has been a phenomenon known as HIV/AIDS denialism that is so rampant that it even has its own Wikipedia page here. However, facts do not lie, and we do see a prevalent spread in the disease across multiple countries, especially in developing countries. Now, Japan is pushing back against the virus, and seeking to sponsor free checks to encourage early detection and treatment of the condition.

HIV crisis re-emerging in Pakistan, widespread stigma

Last October, there was a report about how more than 50 people who were under renal dialysis had contracted HIV at the Chandka Medical College Hospital (CMCH) in Larkana. According to the Journal of Pakistan Medical Association, the actual figure was 56. From the date of release of the report, it is estimated that 7 people had died from complications related to HIV.

People infected with HIV at undetectable levels have little risk in passing the virus on

Pardon me for the graphic image, this article is actually one of support and good news to the HIV and AIDS community. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has claimed this week that a person infected with HIV has “effectively no risk” of passing on the virus to someone else if their viral load cannot be detected (less than 200 copies/ml of the virus in the blood).

New antibody under development capable of fighting 99% of HIV viral strains

There has been a recent and major breakthrough in the medical space, the holy grail in the fight against HIV and AIDS, the production of an effective vaccine. The research was carried out by US National Institute of Health with Sanofi, and scientists have succeeded in developing an antibody capable of eradicating 99% of HIV strains.

The fight against AIDS and the struggles faced by sufferers

HIV is one of the most stigmatized disease in the world. When people are made aware of a person’s HIV positive status, what follows will usually be a lack of understanding and compassion, somewhat treating the people who are infected like the Lepers from the olden day. This is sad but true. You can read more about HIV here.

The fight against AIDS and the struggles faced by sufferers

Since the disease was first discovered, millions of people continue to die every day from the disease. While the rate of transmission within the gay community is extremely high, there was a long and widespread misunderstanding that the disease is only caused by gay sex. In actual fact, about 50% of current sufferers are females.

Continuous education is happening, but people are still getting infected

Encouragingly, the rate of growth for new HIV cases has slowed down, there is still a high number of people getting infected each day and cumulatively, a wider pool of infected sufferers who might be unknowingly passing this disease on to the others.

People are living more fruitful lives nowadays with improvements in antiretroviral treatments

Compared to the past where people usually die within a few years, the current treatment methods are able to help people live significantly longer lives, sometimes decades from the diagnosis date. For example, Magic Johnson, a famous Basketballer has been living for more than 2 decades with the disease. The secret is to catch HIV infections early before it becomes full blown AIDS, such that the body immune system is destroyed and normal living becomes impossible.

There is also a huge emphasis on education, but in the midst of chasing eradication of the virus, perhaps we should also stop and think about cures. At CuraHOPE, we are fighting for a balanced world where both sufferers and non-sufferers of incurable diseases and chronic conditions can live cohesively, without discrimination and prejudice.

However, in this world where conflict is rife, and the population so diverse and divided, can we truly fight for something beyond ourselves? CuraHOPE is only possible if there is universal love, and we hope every article will touch the souls of our readers.