4 healthy ways people suffering from Alzheimer can fight to manage the condition

A close friend of mine has a parent suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, and the amount of care he has to give his mother is significant, and I often see him rushing from place to place. Globally, millions of caregivers are just like him, as Alzheimer is a condition which severely impacts the ability of sufferers from taking care of themselves. Even though there was recently a finding which can potentially point out the risk of Alzheimer, there remains¬†no cure and few effective treatments for the condition.

Japan planning to offer free HIV checks to encourage early detection and treatment in annual company health screenings

The HIV crisis is very real. There has been a phenomenon known as HIV/AIDS denialism that is so rampant that it even has its own Wikipedia page here. However, facts do not lie, and we do see a prevalent spread in the disease across multiple countries, especially in developing countries. Now, Japan is pushing back against the virus, and seeking to sponsor free checks to encourage early detection and treatment of the condition.

Antibiotics might soon become extinct from the world

Every time you feel slightly sick, you make your way to the doctor, take prescription drugs, some antibiotics and you feel better the next day. Repetitively, every time you are sick. Imagine this, every time you take antibiotics, your body is actually getting used to the drugs and building up resistance, same as the bacteria which are trying to invade your body.

2 tales of patients suffering from chronic diseases

At CuraHOPE, we try to cover as many inspirational news of people fighting, and surviving after contracting incurable and chronic diseases. However, the truth is, life is not a bed of roses. While there are people who face chronic diseases head on, there are also people who lose hope and land into depression. Today, we are going to share two news, one of hope and the other of reality. You can read about some of our coverage here, about how we should all face diseases with optimism.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle to manage incurable diseases

A normal search on Quora about incurable diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes can often reveal interesting insights, ranging from how people do not really know about treatment methods, to what can be done to manage the various diseases. Our near-term aim at CuraHOPE is to educate and stress on the importance of a healthy lifestyle (good diet and regular exercise) to manage and triumph against incurable diseases.